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Quilting Questions/Answers

Below are many questions that go through a quilters mind. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please send your question to Quilt Bugg and we will respond as quickly as we can.

T-shirt specific questions

  • How long will it take? Approximately 6-8 weeks from the day we receive your t-shirts. If this timeframe changes, we will let you know. Christmas and spring graduation season, timeframes are longer. We will let you know when we send your quilt back to you.
  • How much deposit should I send? $100 deposit for t-shirt quilts. We will email you when your quilt is completed and ready for shipment. When payment has been received, your quilt will be shipped. You may send partial or full payment with your quilt if you wish.

    Box the order form with your t-shirts and a $100 deposit which will be deducted from your total price. Email Quilt Bugg to let us know your shipment is coming and where it is coming from. Provide any instructions or call if you'd like to visit about colors, sewing patterns, or special shirt placement. Your shirts and $100 deposit will secure a time on our quilting schedule.
  • Can I use the front and back of my t-shirts? You can use the front & back of each shirt if you wish.
  • Should I wash and cut my t-shirts before mailing them? Wash the shirts, but allow us to cut them to size. If you want to save your T-Shirt scraps, there is an additional charge to you for shipping. Otherwise, we will throw them out for you.
  • Does it matter what type of shirt I send? You can use almost any type of fabric used in clothing including: sweatshirts, golf shirts, jerseys, tank tops, etc. You can mix and match within the same quilt.
  • How are the front and back of the quilt held together? Each t-shirt quilt includes poly batting and is quilted throughout for stability. We provide full quilting to put the front and back together. We do not just tack the t-shirts at the corners of each shirt. Full quilting will make your t-shirt quilt last longer.
  • What if I want batting in my quilt? Every t-shirt quilt includes batting at no extra charge.
  • I want to make my child a quilt but I have shirts from toddler size up to adult large. Can these be used together? We will applique the smaller pieces onto squares of fabric. There is an extra charge for applique, but it looks great.
  • I tried to make a quilt myself and things didn't work out right. Can you take my mess and make it into a quilt? We can take your pieces of t-shirts, etc. and turn them into a quilt for you. It may cost a little more depending on how the shirts were cut.

General Questions

  • Do you just sew around the border of the shirts? No, we quilt with a Statler Stitcher long arm sewing machine. You can have your choice of all-over designs.
  • What do you do with the binding? The binding is a separate strip of fabric that covers all the edges so batting and raw edges don't show. It completes the quilt and whatever color you choose frmaes the front of your quilt. We machine sew the binding to the front sides of your quilt and hand stitch the back side. You can have the same color as the backing or an accent color.
  • Can I send more than one order? There is a 10% discount when you send two or more orders at one time.
  • Is it expensive? Size and type determines price. Take a look at the Quilting Services tab for size and pricing information. Pricing for T-Shirt quilts includes poly batting and 100% cotton backing.
  • Do you trim the quilt after taking it off the machine? All quilts are trimmed before being shipped/returned, unless otherwise specified.
  • How will I know you have received my quilt? You will receive a confirmation email when your quilt arrives.
  • What is batting and how thick is it? Batting is the layer of insulation that is placed between the top layer and the backing. The thickness depends on which type of batting you choose.

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