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Quilt Bugg Work Samples

Custom Quilt Samples

Click on either link to get more information on custom quilts or longarm machine quilting from Quilt Bugg.

custom quilt example 1
custom quilt example 2
custom quilt example 3
custom quilt example 4
custom quilt example 5
custom quilt example 6

T-shirt Quilt Samples

To get more information on your custom t-shirt quilt, take a peek at our t-shirt quilt section.

tshirt quilt example 1
tshirt quilt example 2
tshirt quilt example 3

Custom Quilt Labels

If you would like a personalized label, enclose a note with your order form. Labels are computer generated for $5.

custom quilt label example 6
custom quilt label example 3
custom quilt label example 4
custom quilt label example 2
custom quilt label example 5
custom quilt label example 1

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